Showroom Special

2:00-3:00 Hour

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• Foam Soap & Hand Wash With Sponge

• Clay Bar Rubbed On Entire Body

• 1-Step Polish on Entire Body-Show room Wet Look

• Reviving Dressing Applied to Plastic/Carbon Fiber in All Panels

• 303 Touchless Sealant- Seals Shine In

• Tire Shine & Graphene Coating Applied To Rims • Anti Glare Applied To Front & Back Windshield


• Panels dry washed and soft brushed

• Interior Ceramic Coat Applied On All Panels

• Leather Vacuumed & Moisturized

• Fine Fragranced Protectant Applied To Middle Panel (Non-Oil)

• Removable Mats Shampooed & Rubber Mats Cleaned

• Windows Wiped With Tint-Safe Spray